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5 Office Desks and Workstations for Tight-Space Offices: Without Compromising Style and Quality

Offices are always looking to save space by getting their staff desks with enough room to get work done. But, when office desks are too small or ergonomics aren’t right, productivity takes a hit. Experts report that productivity and work quality increase by 17% when desks are comfortable to work at.

And since more and more companies are looking to employ a shared-space strategy, it’s even more important to use up office space wisely. Another study suggests that around two-thirds of companies have employed a shared-desk plan since 2020.  

So, what sort of office desks are ideal for small spaces? Which workstation should you choose for maximum productivity? And how should you choose them? Let’s answer all these questions and more.

Things To Look For In Office Desks For Small Spaces

One of the key things to look for is how much working space a compact design can provide. In most offices, workers need space to keep a notebook/laptop or a screen with a keyboard and mouse. Other than that, they need enough space for notes and other stationary elements.

That’s why, the office desk for a small space must have a few key elements, such as:

  • Wide drawers and shelves;
  • Enough space for monitor, keyboard, mice, etc.;
  • Ergonomic elements, like elevated monitor/laptop holder;
  • Compact desk yet wide working space;
  • And adaptability, i.e., moving elements.

Other than that, you also need to measure the desks properly or ask the expert to make them according to certain dimensions. This can save you a ton of space without compromising moving space.

Lastly, make sure you keep the foot/leg area spacious and focus on drawers, shelves, and table tops. If a desk has all of these elements, then it’s likely going to be an ideal one for your working space.

Top 5 Office Desks For Small Spaces In 2024

There are quite a few options available today that fit the description of “compact, stylish, and spacious.” We have picked 5 of the best options from the current inventory of the best desks for condensed office spaces.

This includes tables and workstations that allow multiple employees to go about their business without compromising on space and storage. So, let’s talk about the top 5 office desks and workstations:

1: Tiara Workstation – L-Shaped/Straight/Single

Tiara Workstation is a very versatile design, and it can be in either L-shape, Straight, or a single table against the wall. This compact structure doesn’t only feature a lot of storage and leg room, but also a lot of table space for a computer, desk lamp, notes, etc.

This workstation is quite simple and yet offers a lot of adaptability to the employer/user.

The options in this table/workstation allow the user to have a computer, multiple notebooks, keyboard, mice, etc. easily. But on top of that, it also offers enough storage on the side, and with easy access. Some of the key features of this include:

  • Customizable dimensions;
  • Around 100+ color options;
  • Wire management and grommets;
  • And 5 years of warranty.

Thus, this ensures the storage doesn’t get in the way of working, nor does it hinder the leg room. Meanwhile, it also ensures thorough privacy, face-to-face communication, and easy collaboration with fellow team members.

2: Cosmo Workstation – L-Shaped/Single

Cosmo workstation is another incredible workstation and compact table, ideal for any congested or small-space office. This office desk can seat up to 4 users at the same time and comes in a face-to-face layout.

While it can also be in the L-shaped layout, or made straight against the wall, the real beauty of this layout is in the four-to-eight face-to-face configuration. It also offers:

  • Custom dimensions;
  • Multiple drawers for each user;
  • 100+ color options;
  • And cable management essentials.

Besides that, much like all the other designs, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

3: Inka Workstation  — Straight/L-Shaped/Single

Inka Workstation is the prettiest L-shaped face-to-face workstation you’ll see today. That’s because it doesn’t only offer extensive privacy to both users, but also provides them with ample room to work, store essentials, and work without cluttering the space.

Much like other options on this list, it also can be customized according to the dimensions necessary. And if we look into the features, it offers:

  • Around 3-4 drawers, depending on demand;
  • Keyboard/mouse tray (optional);
  • Customizable dimensions;
  • Sturdy material;
  • And plenty of color choices.

Thus, giving you yet another incredible option to choose from.

4: Oslo Workstation — Straight/Face-to-Face Station

Oslo Workstation is yet another choice for offices with tight spaces, but numerous workers. This table can host up to 8 workers simultaneously, with enough space for a computer, and storage drawers. It also provides enough legroom.

The face-to-face workstation can be used as a table, or installed as a table against the wall. As for customization, the dimensions and colors depend on the client, while other features include:

  • In 6, 8, and 10 configurations or more;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Cable management elements;
  • And 5-year warranty.

While it can be in various configurations, it depends entirely on the client, and for that, offers free consultation.

5: Carmel Workstation  — Straight/Against the Wall

Carmel Workstation is the final name on this list, but it could be everything a tightly-knit office space might need. This configuration is usually against the wall but could be in L-shape as well. While that depends on the client, the best way to employ this workstation would be against the wall.

The side-by-side design allows enough space for storage while keeping things minimal. There’s enough legroom, and the chairs can fit into them like a glove. Once again, it offers various colors, a 5-year warranty, and different sort of dimensions, depending on the client.


These are some of the best tables and workstation configurations that compact or small spaces could have. Offices that do not have a lot of room to work with can make the most of these designs, by not only providing great room for productivity but also without compromising style and quality.

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