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Looking to upgrade your workspace ? Get the Latest Modern Office Furniture Collections !


We manufacture our products by sourcing the best and high quality raw materials. Our aim is to provide you with the finest quality office furniture online in Dubai within your budget.


Our Experts are specialized in crafting your imagination into elegant workspaces, Giving them personal touches by customizing the best office Furniture as per your needs.

Design assistance

Design Craft's in house experienced design team will provide insights and ideas to create your office furniture sets for sale. Please contact our team today to assist you better on Email:

Reception Desks

Discover the Best Reception Desk Furniture in UAE

Receptions are busy places, and getting the right matching furniture is always essential to success and putting out the right image. At Design Craft, every little detail matters and can go a long way towards determining your layout.

Our contemporary range of reception desks depicts what your space epitomises to you. We offer the latest trends in reception desk furniture to complement your spaces and offer value with fusion-rich details. Besides contemporary design and styling, we are known for reliability, durability, and high-quality service.

Design Craft has carved a special niche in this space by offering the trendiest reception desks in innovative styling. Our in-house designers are master craftsmen with years of experience.

Try Our Unique Designer Offerings in Reception Desks

Selecting the right reception desks impacts your overall image to the public. We have established quality niches in reception desk design that gel with all other lines of office desks. With multiple attractive features like premium customised height, length, width, and colours. Our reception desk accessories have multiple uses and add to the overall theme and design. Keeping your reception areas places of functional organisation and workflow

We Offer Interior Detailing and Design on Request.

With an eye on your interior décor, we can customise and even offer fit-out services. Enjoy the extra-affordable, comfortable, and fully custom reception desks. At Design Craft, we always trust in our services at the highest levels. We ensure reliable, durable, quality, and custom solutions. Our emphasis goes beyond just creating wooden masterpieces.

We refine and innovate even the best furniture solutions. Conforming to the best use of quality materials sourced from sustainable sources, we retain contemporary designer reception desks. Every desk masterpiece has a special story to convey and fits into the designer, stylish, and comfy categories. Make a whole new impression with a vast collection of designer reception desks at Design Craft.

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