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Tips for finding the right executive desk for your office- Design craft Dubai UAE

Even in this world of work-from-home spaces and hybrid offices, office desks remain an important element in work life. There are several kinds of office desks on the market, such as cubicles, computer desks, conference round tables, executive desks for sale, and much more. Design Craft offers all kinds of office desks. One can buy an executive desk in Dubai at Design Craft. Along with that, all kinds of office desks can also be found at Design Craft.

Executive desks are large desks crafted specially for office spaces. They are meticulously designed for offices with their large size, ample storage, and single work surface. It is easy to find executive Desks at any shopping platform. One can also buy an executive desk in Dubai at Design Craft here.

Some Tips to Buy an Executive Desk in Dubai

Several executive desks are offered at Design Craft. These office desks differ based on different factors such as shape, material, and size. Below are some factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing executive desks.

  • Shape and size of the desk: Executive desks can be customised based on the shape and size preferred. Most of these executive desks are L-shaped. However, the sizes of the executive desks can be customised according to the office space.
  • Table Top Material: When choosing executive desks, it is also important to consider the Round Meeting Table top material. All executive tables at Design Craft are made of Egger German-made Eurodekor Melamine-Faced Chipboard.This material is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and has a great finish to it. Buy executive desk in Dubai made out of this material here.
  • Colour: The colour of the executive desks is another reason that should be factored in while purchasing these furniture pieces. There are several colour options available for the customization of executive desks. The colours should be carefully selected to complement one’s office space perfectly.
  • Wood Finish:  All furniture requires an added layer of protection and sheen. This layer is supplemented by the wooden finish, or sometimes “varnish.” The wooden finish is quite different from the act of simply painting. Painting hides the appearance of wood with artificial color. However, wooden finishing highlights the appearance of natural wood.
    There are several wooden finishes available to choose from. For example, there is Pacific Walnut, which lends a natural walnut wood look with its textures and sheen. Some other wooden finishes available are Tobacco Halifax Oak, Shorewood, Lincoln Walnut, Natural Dijon Walnut, and Brown Kansas Oak.
  • Marble Finish: The finishing of the furniture is a crucial factor that helps one decide whether the executive desk will complement their office space. The marble finish can be customised at Design Craft. The several options available are White Carrara Marble, Light Grey Chicago Concrete, and Dark Grey Chicago Concrete.
  • Storage Storage space is another factor that should be considered while buying purchasing an executive desk. One should consider the things they would like to store.
    For important documents, one would want a drawer or storage area that can be locked. One also needs room for stationary such as pens, other files, and office supplies. Therefore, executive desks contain all the materials handy. One should sort and map out their storage requirements before making an informed decision.
  • Desk grommets: grommets are a great way to organise and manage the cables and wires of your appliances. One needs to use several electrical appliances at their executive desks, such as computer screens, and electric lamps. More appliances mean more wires that need to be separated. The grommets are instrumental in separating the wires and protecting them from abrasion. Buy an executive desk in Dubai equipped with wire grommets at Design Craft.
    However, these grommets come in different models and sizes. They come in various shapes, such as round, rectangular, and oval. Grommets can be selected based on the cable openings. Materials are another factor that helps narrow down the grommet options. Usually, the grommets are made of plastic material. However, metal grommets are preferred because they are more durable. Wooden grommets can be used as well to match the aesthetics of the office desk.
  • Warranty: The warranty of the desk is also another thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing an executive desk. Firstly, one should be careful while selecting the right materials for the office desk to lengthen the longevity of the furniture. However, there should be an appropriate warranty period on the furniture pieces.
    At Design Craft, the warranty offered for most of the bestselling executive desks is five years. Buy an executive desk in Dubaiwith a 5-year warranty at the shopping platform Design Craft.

To buy an executive desk in Dubai, one should visit Design Craft. There are several options for executive desks for someone to choose from. There are Delta, Bentley, Mars, Cape, ACE, and Burl Executive desks. All of these executive desks can be customised according to one’s specific needs. There is a five-year warranty on the desks, and free installation is provided. It takes 7 to 10 business days for the delivery of these executive desks or any other furniture.

However, before assisting with the selection of executive desks, the Design Craft team conducts an initial site walk and personal sit-downs to better understand the customer’s personality and space.


Executive desks are commonly seen in large offices with spare space. These big desks have a double pedestal design; they are well equipped with box and file drawers for supplies and paperwork. Executive desks are a single work surface.

If you are considering investing in the office desk, you should ensure that it can stand out on the five factors: available space, adjustability, surface area, quality, and storage. If all features are present in the desk, then there is no harm in choosing it, no whether you have to go a bit out of your budget.

If you plan to make a functional desk, it is a relatively simple project that anybody can pull together. However, it is hard to achieve the metrics if you plan to make a workspace desk. You have to measure the available space and the practical side of the desk, but if you miss any of these factors by even an inch, you might end up building an unnecessary piece of furniture. If you don't want to bear this problem, then it is recommended to leave the thoughts of building a desk; instead of buying it online at Designcraft.

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